The company was established in 1993. The main line of business is production of plastic products.

 Casting of sleeve-type pipes for cables and wires was our first production. Those products were in great demand by the telecommunication companies not only in Lithuania, but in Latvia and Estonia as well.

 In 1996 the company purchased the line of Italian-make for production of tubes and profiles. Such a step provided a possibility not only to mould certain parts, but also to start the new line of extrusion products.

 In 1997 the premises were purchased, renovated and the production moved there with another hard profile extrusion line additionally installed. Side by side with the increase of production volumes the second workshop for waste recycling was opened providing new job and waste free production possibilities. It all allowed significant reduction of production costs and expansion of our product range for building industry.

 In 2001 the premises were bought and renovated to move the production there in connection with its further development and to execute all incoming orders. Five extrusion lines for hard and soft profiles and one for PVCH tubes were in operation.

 In 2005 the waste pelletiser was put in operation to process the waste into pellets for use in moulding.

 In 2006 the automatic mixer for PVC material was installed. It allowed us to make cheaper and higher quality raw material of required density and colour.

 In 2008 another line for making small size extrusion products was introduced. This was a further step in widening our range.

 In 2010 the robotized line for manufacturing of profiles with technological bores/openings was installed.

 In 2012 the company was granted the license for increase of electrical energy production capacity and the solar power plant “Sun Form” was put in operation.

 The strategy of the company is further expansion of production capacity, improvement of product quality and introduction of state-of-art technologies. Young, smart and experienced staff is prepared to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

 Our credo is: Quality first – we will find ways to agree on the price