Plastic signs

 In 2013 we updated manufacturing by spreading manufacturing of plastic signs, opening new best quality product for our customers. This technology is limited only by imagination, providing best solution for customers.

 All signs are engraved from the highest quality double-layer plastic sheets for this particular product line. Plastic is certified for use indoor and outdoor, resistant to all environmental influences - UV light, cold, heat, moisture, mechanical stress, etc. Plastic color range is very wide, it allows the production of even broader product line to meet the needs of each client.

 All signs are CNC engraved, this gives the product the appearance of both products and quality compared with laser engraved signs. The company has the ability to produce both small and large-size signs, restricting only by plastic sheet size without sacrificing contrast and the production of very small font products - this is achieved using separate production lines.

 Our company is flexible to produce both uniform and different characters without losing production volume and time, even if every sign will have a different character - it allows us to produce products for electricity network, underground communications and other sectors. Safety signs, Operational markings, Electrical safety signs, Utility signs.