The company has extensive experience in profile production. These products are made from hard or soft plastic. Following the customer‘s description of his requirements and conditions for profile application we would select the adequate raw materials and additives. After we are done with selection of the proper material, we pass onto the second stage – making of a tool. The dies and go-gauges are designed depending on whether material is hard or soft. The tools are made ourselves following the design and customer approval. The ready-to-deliver time and price of the finished product would depend on how complicated is the product. Great advantage for the customer is the possibility to have the product cut or sheared (tolerance 0,1 mm), coiled or wound on spools. It allows the customer to receive the fully completed product and save his costs. As everything is done on our site we are in a position to control all the processes and within short time produce cheaper, customer requirements and expectations compliant product. Plastic profiles are widely used in construction, furniture and automobile industries.